Exterior Roller Shutters

WindowsandMore exterior roller shutters offer additional comfort for rooms and offices, this is the most practical system offered that provides at the same time:

  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Burglary protection
  • Pleasant aesthetics
  • High privacy
  • Exterior shutters ensure the maintenance of a pleasant environment in the room, thus providing a barrier of protection against noisy behavior outside.

The outer roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically via a switch or remote control.

Depending on the types of drives, you can also choose a suitable burglar alarm system.

In the manufacturing process, the roller shutters can be equipped with an insect net embedded in the roller shutter box. In the case of door rollers, it is recommended to install nets against pleated insects.

Exterior roller shutters can be protected against theft by installing an anti-theft system. The manual locking system can be installed with a key or automatic locking, and the electric door motor can also be locked with a clamp system.