Doors and oscillating windows can save space with a sliding and have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation effects drive system.

Comfort and practicality

Doors and windows are manufactured oscillating with the same system of the glass profiles of the window. The difference lies in a special hardware system that allows the window to move easily and slide along the fixed part of the carpentry component.

How does it work

With a single sliding system, the oscillating sliding door can be operated smoothly and can easily move the inward window.

When it is closed, the movable part moves inwards again and remains in the closed position in full alignment with the fixed part.

The system closes with the maximum seal and complete security through multiple locking points distributed over the entire periphery of the frame.

Ergonomic and easy to use

These systems can use space of the room ergonomically, making it easier to use on the terrace. The design similar to other doors and windows of the house allows its integration into the overall architectural concept of the house.

With the sliding hardware system, our system does not occupy space inside to open. By manipulating the handle easily, it is possible to obtain an optimal ventilation thanks to the tilt function.