Wellbeing starts with a pleasant temperature.

SYNEGO profile system ensures a pleasant temperature, a high level of comfort and safety for your home. Compared to standard windows, SYNEGO system provides up to 50% better therm insulation.* This will significantly reduce heating costs and will bring a level of wellbeing you will never want to give up.


Energy saving due to high thermal insulation level

Low noise with high level of soundproofing

Increased security due to individual intrusion protection

Creative window design with over 220 colors and many shapes

Clean windows, bright with perfectly smooth surfaces due to the unique High Definition Finishing formula

Reduced environmental impact due to a manufacturing process that protects natural resources

*Standard window with Uw = 1.36 W/m²K; SYNEGO with Uw = 0.66 W/m²K


You can choose from many design options for your SYNEGO windows: bright white, wood imitation wood decorative films, warm textured colors or modern solid colors.
Choose your favorite color from the over 90 decorative foils available. Below are some of the available colors:


Windows hide their ingenious architecture within.

  • Design depth 80 mm for slender proportions
  • Reduced visible height of 117 mm, for high brightness
  • Glass thickness up to 51 mm, allowing the installation of 3 insulating glass panes
  • Frame with 7 chambers, 6 chambers in the sash for optimal insulation
  • Perimeter seals for reliable protection against draft and moisture
  • Additionally, a third plane seal (median gasket) is available for additional thermal insulation
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Synego systems

Choose for your home.