It is a system for doors and windows that have the greatest flexibility in design, without affecting the performance of the slider.

Ideal for any building project

It is designed to be combined with other window systems and allows different configurations of different styles and sizes.

The depth of construction of the system is 41 mm, ideal for both residential and commercial. It has an optimized frame, so that the door can overlap to 8 mm frame, thus ensuring the tightness.

Variety of colors

It is possible to use at least 40 types of non-standard decorative sheets (imitation wood or solid color) on one or both sides of different profiles. These films that can be used for double glazing rehau can create color annotations depending on the individual needs. Because of the variety of colors, the delivery time may be longer.

Energy Performance Certificate

Because no one wants to devote much time to the cleaning and maintenance of the windows, our windows offer great comfort because: the windows are designed to withstand high demands, but also rain, snow, dirt, dust and the regular opening and closing of windows and doors.

Our windows have a special surface. The laborious cleaning and expensive in terms of time in the past. Now it easily pulirai with water. This way, you'll have more time for other activities.



  • It gives a nice look. They are known for their distinctive design and can be easily integrated in any type of home, especially in modern homes;
  • Extremely simple operation and longer life. The sliding door system is durable and easy to use. One of the main reasons is the low weight.
  • They are safe and effective. Sliding doors eliminate the risk of pinching fingers, which are usually the same as normal doors (especially for children), and never will collapse because of internal air flow.
  • They can help you save space. They can replace subtly some internal walls, can separate the active area while maintaining a sense of intimacy.
  • They will reduce the loss of heat in the room. They are very effective in maintaining optimal calorie levels and help you save calories.