Aluminiun Shutters

Windows and More Aluminum shutters are an architectural element with great aesthetic value, giving vitality and beauty to the exterior wall of the house.

Regardless of the model you choose (fixed slats, adjustable slats, paneling or panel), aluminum blinds have maximum strength and stability due to excellent quality aluminum profiles, hardware and accessories.

It is also an elegant solution and resistant to severe changes in the atmosphere. By adjusting the shutter openings, you can get shadow and light effects to create a special atmosphere in the living space.

Advantages of aluminum shutters:

  • Maintains a naturally cool environment in summer and provides thermal protection during harsh winters
  • Provides helpful shading of rooms
  • Prevent damage caused by external factors (dust, rain, wind, etc.);
  • Provides high privacy;
  • Soundproof
  • They have an anti-burglary role
  • Creates a special aesthetic, which can be matched with the facade or window of the house;