Another option is the GENEO certified housing window solution, using thermal insulation modules inside profile chambers and a special median gasket.


Number of chambers: 6

Thermal insulation: Uf up to 0.79 W/m²K

Material: fiber composite RAU-FIPRO® covered on the outside with quality RAU-PVC coextruded material for the highest quality surfaces

Soundproofing: up to RwP = 47 dB without reinforcement (Rw = 50 dB with glass)

Burglar protection: up to WK3 class, up to WK2 class without reinforcement

Air permeability: 4 (EN 12207)

Water tightness (heavy rainfall): 9A (EN 12208)


Fully reinforced window profiles without additional steel reinforcement

Excellent stability thanks to the high-tech RAU-FIPRO® material, perfected profile and integrated reinforcement system (IVS)

Visible outer width 115mm for optimum brightness

Inventories and production optimized through complete profile reinforcement

Easy handling and installation, 40% less weight compared to similar systems

Large furrow depth - 66 mm - allows three-pane insulating glass (3 sheets of glass)

Low closing pressure - easier opening closing operation, thanks to the innovative gasket geometry

HDF (High-Definition finishing) surface: high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean

Environmentally friendly, recyclable


Multiple architectural possibilities, due to the individual shapes, for example. round windows, uneven and sloping; achievable for the first time with complete reinforcement

Multiple finishing options with decorative films, painting or aluminium cap plating

Gray seals for white profiles and black for colored profiles

20 ° inclination and 5mm outer radii for an visual elegance

Accessories for Geneo PHZ system:

Solution for condensation free corners:

Effective mold and condensation prevention (DIN 4108-2). Build options for 90⁰ corners and variable angle corners between 90⁰ and 180⁰.

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