Salamander bluEvolution 73

The window system bluEvolution 73 is suitable for all your needs for an ambitious design of the window. The exceptionally compact surfaces make the profile not only very easy to maintain, but also offer exceptional durability. The system of profiles prevents the formation of thermal bridges and therefore offers a substantial reduction of the energy bill. The ingenious structure of the profile with large steel inserts also provides exceptional stability and operational safety for windows made of synthetic material.


Profile 5 rooms

False sealing

Construction depth: 73 mm

up to Uw = 0.73 W / (m²K)

Noise protection: up to 46 dB

Security burglary: up to 2 RC

Fields of use: the swing entrance doors, overhead doors, oscillating, secondary, windows book and oscillating parallel

Attractive and modern in all respects


Appearance with staggered surfaces

bluEvolution 73 Alu

External coating with aluminum

Appearance of high-quality aluminum

Perfect your windows according to your style of construction and a special appearance by their aluminum. Salamander matches your design requirements with the high quality aluminum finish solution, specially designed for the series Brügmann bluEvolution 73. Whether it is opaque coating electrostatic spraying or in shades end anodized, RAL colors, shades DB or NCS, any color preference can be satisfied.

The fixing of the aluminum coating to the profiles Bruegmann BluEvolution73 takes place with a special welding. Donate to the windows not only the typical aluminum refined appearance, but also increases their safety, durability and stability.



Applications: doors Entrance doors, swinging, swinging, primary and secondary