Our windows and doors Windows and More offer you a multitude of options and can be adapted optimally to your needs.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the wide range of systems of carpentry, cover a wide range of climatic classes by a coefficient of 1.4 W / m2K, less than 0.7 W / m2K, also certified for passive houses (weather photographic classes, Passive House )


The Windows & More carpentry reduces noise and provides greater comfort. With the aid of special glass containers with acoustic treatment "Silence" you can reach important values ​​of acoustic transmittance.

Energy Performance Certificate

Due to our thermal insulation and a plethora of other features included in the design, our windows ensure your comfort at any time of the year, helping you maintain a stable temperature in your home. It will also definitely help you save money on your utility bills.

Therefore, our windows don't only offer thermal insulation and reduced costs, but increased comfort and a wide array of design choices, from colors to textures, and types of glass. The possibilities are limitless.


Easy maintenance


Take advantage of the minimal handling and maintenance.

Because no one wants to devote much time to the cleaning and maintenance of the windows, our windows offer great comfort because: the windows are designed to withstand high demands, but also rain, snow, dirt, dust and the regular opening and closing of windows and doors. Our windows have a special surface. The laborious cleaning and expensive in terms of time in the past. Now it easily pulirai with water. This way, you'll have more time for other activities.
Want easy to maintain windows? The frames of our windows are distinguished by a special surface. This gives the windows a noble sheen and is particularly smooth. So, dust and dirt have only a small area to attack. You have no time for maintenance? You do not have to dedicate your time to painting or maintenance. It is enough to put a drop of oil on the moving parts and maintain the gaskets using the silicone.



Our windows offer no chance for thieves!

You need to feel safe in your home. Therefore, our windows offer optimal protection systems and are available in different protection classes. That way you still get security. Simply use the all-in-one and relax! The class of resistance of your windows can be chosen according to your security needs. The higher strength class is not always required. Learn more about the strength classes.

Feel safe!

No problem with the right security technology. There is an easy way to make your home safer: our windows give an individual security reinforcement which complicates the use, for example, the lever by thieves. Thanks to security features, in more than one third of cases it is a simple break-in attempt.

You are informed in detail on your security windows.