System depth: 70 mm (for housing purposes)

Euro-Design 70 offers the best terms for construction projects. Accredited with REHAU quality standards, the Euro-Design 70 is an economically efficient window system. Many design possibilities using various shapes and colors.


Depth: 70 mm

Number of chambers: 5

Thermal insulation
Uf = 1.3 W/m²K (Euro-Design 70 with reinforcement)
Uf = 1.2 W/m²K (Euro Design 70 with reinforcement with thermal barrier)

Sound insulation: up to RwP = 45 dB

Burglar protection: up to class 3 strength (WK3) (ENV 1627)

Air permeability: Class 4 (EN 12207)

Water tightness (heavy rainfall): up to class 9A (EN 12208)


Economic system for many applications

HDF (High-Definition finishing) surface is high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean

Angled recess inside the frames for better drainage and easy cleaning

Optimal static features with reinforcement having increased mounting depth

In general, the same type of reinforcement in the frame and sash to reduce inventories

Optional: choice of weldable seals, for a rational processing

Environmentally friendly, recyclable


Design options through choice of leaf shape: straight or round

Extended design options with decorative films, painting or aluminium caps as outer plating

Specific shapes such as circular, irregular, inclined or divided by mullions

Euro Design 70 system comes with the following accessories and additional products:

Mold prevention solutions for corners:

Prevents mold and dampness (DIN 4108-2). Three solutions for corners: 90 °, 135 ° and variable interior angle between 90 ° and 180 °.

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Euro Design 70 systems

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