Windows and entrance doors give you protection, insulation and comfort.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the wide range of systems of carpentry, cover a wide range of climatic classes by a coefficient of 1.4 W / m2K, up to less than 0.7 W / m2K, also certified for passive houses


Because of the structural elements used in the design of the entrance doors, they have excellent sound insulation properties. The external noise generated by cars or other human factors or external noise generated by natural factors, such as storms, you will not hear in your house.


Residential Doors PVC


Residential Doors Aluminum


Energy Performance Certificate

Because no one wants to devote much time to the cleaning and maintenance of the windows, our windows offer great comfort because: the windows are designed to withstand high demands, but also rain, snow, dirt, dust and opening and closing regular windows and doors.

Our windows have a special surface. The laborious cleaning and expensive in terms of time in the past. Now it easily pulirai with water. This way, you'll have more time for other activities.



The entrance door has a high resistance to impact, moisture, atmospheric changes, mildew, corrosion and to the effects of ultraviolet light.

These features enable our doors not only to provide protection weatherproof, but also a long-term resistance.

According to European standards and classification of resistance class RC (WK), Windows and More ports can provide a high degree of protection against theft and can be equipped with locks to 1, 3 or 5 locking points.


The entrance doors have parameters of high resistance, thanks to surfaces with higher hardness, which confer a greater resistance to impact, bending, breakage and deformation, ensuring a higher level of security and robustness. Thus, the doors will remain intact even after a long period of time.

There are problems with the right security technology. There is an easy way to make your home safer: Windows and More offers separate security measures, making it harder for thieves to use levers and other operations. Because of the use of safety devices, more than a third of cases it was attributed to simple theft.


Types of locks

  • lock multipoint
  • lock with beaks and bolts
  • automatic block
  • lock with electromagnetic opponent and remote control

The door is your business card. But we know that this is not just the door model, but also the auxiliary elements designed to add both a more pleasant aspect that high security for your home.

Our approach to the locking of security doors is characterized by the power of innovation. Solutions consistent value-added safety and practicality combine in a unique way.

They are also geared to the latest developments in security technology. They are used to effectively protect the external doors, which is important to people.

Types of handles

Handles for residential doors PVC


Handles for residential aluminum doors


One of the most important elements of the style of the windows. Handles RAL certified doors and ensure a long life for this high-tech system. Basic security with a key lock, suitable for children.

The advantages of mounting a high security outside handle on your PVC door are:

The protective cylinder protects from attacks of the cylinders - The main advantage of using a handle for high security doors is that they have a protection device that protects the cylinder from the locking cylinders attacks when thieves try to quit.

Protect from the outlet of the handle - The beveled edges and the high resistance of the handle protect against attacks by grabbing the mole.

Thicker standard implements - Most of them have at least one double thickness.

Decorative panel


The decorative panels for doors and windows offer a wide range of designs and styles to choose from to complete the frames of the existing doors. Available in a range of colored leathers, there is the possibility to satisfy the taste of everyone.

Our door are robust and offer a safe solution for customers security conscious panels. Using only the finest materials, our door panels offer a lasting solution that will stand the test of time.

All our windows use tempered glass to maintain a secure door solution that can withstand even the most persistent intruder. Offering an option low maintenance, our door panels only need to be cleaned from time to time.