Applied rollers

Applied exterior rollers can pe mounted on existing window systems. They can be made of aluminium or PVC and offer very good thermal and sound insulation and also improved security.

Aluminium applied rollers

Aluminium box, oval shape or bevelled to 45ᵒ.

Aluminium, polyurethane foam filled slats, sizes 39mm or 55mm.

Electric or manual drive.

The roller type mosquito net is driven by a chord, has brushes at the bottom for a better seal and a silicone break system as standard options.

Drive systems

Electric drive systems are designed exclusively for rollers without mosquito net, while some types of manual operation such as belt / chord are recommended only for PVC rollers up to 2.5 m2.

Electric drive

Electric drive motor means automatic operation of the shutters by button or remote control.

Remote control based automatic operation cab use 1 channel, 5 channel or 15 channel units. Available colors: white or black (keychain type remote control).

Switch based automatic operation can use applied, burried or key driven switches. Available switche colors: white.

Manual operation

Used for the aluminium or PVC rollers.

Spring operation is used for large aluminium rollers with non-perforated slats.

Winch operation uses a box and small handle. Used for large aluminium rollers.

Crank operation uses a large crank and a reduction gear box. Used for large aluminium rollers.

Belt or chord operation is used for both aluminium and PVC rollers up to 2.5 m2.


Wide range of colors including wood imitation
Color appearance and durability are very important benefits for exterior applied rollers.
Aluminum rollers with 39mm slats and 45ᵒ beveled casing, with or without mosquito net

STANDARD colors*
Aluminum rollers with 39mm slats and oval casing, with or without mosquito net

STANDARD colors* - casing and side caps
STANDARD colors* - slats, end slat and guides
Aluminum rollers with 55mm slats and 45ᵒ beveled casing, without mosquito net

STANDARD colors* - casign and side caps
STANDARD colors* - slats, end slate and guides
PVC roller blinds

STANDARD colors* - outer case, end slat, guides
STANDARD colors* - slats
Optional: wood imitation paint or all RAL colors
*Standard colors have no additional costs and faster delivery time.

Intrusion protection systems

Intrusion protection systems lock the blinds shut and reduce the risk of theft. Can be automatic (recommended for large rollers) or manual (used for small rollers).

Electric drive systems

Automatic locking system used only for electrically drive aluminium rollers with 39mm and 55mm slats.

Not visible from outside, and this contributes to increased safety.

Automatically block the slides making it almost impossible to open from the outside.

Not available for rollers with built-in mosquito net.

Systems for manual operation

Manual drive is used for aluminum or PVC rollers both small and large.

Bolt system may be either manually operated or automatic. Both lock the slats in place when the roller is completely lowered. Not visible from the outside or inside.

Key lock system locks the system using a keybox on the lowest slat. Can be operated from both inside and outside.

Latch lock system locks the roller from the outside. Availabe only for opening type windows.

Technical details

Enhance the practical value and aesthetics.
Applied exterior blinds can be equipped with built-in mosquito net with silicone brake against accelerated raising.
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