WindowsandMore entrance doors, excellence in every detail

Entrance and interior doors for all types of homes. Doors are among the most sought after elements of a house. Whether we are talking about their functionality or about the unique design features, each door completes the design of the home. In addition, for the entrance doors we must not forget the most important aspect: the safety and protection of the space inside.

WindowsandMore front doors provide increased performance in terms of security and durability features. In addition, each entrance door protects and thermally insulates the space inside so that each beneficiary can enjoy comfort regardless of the conditions outside.

At the same time, the partitioning of the house needs dedicated doors with very varied characteristics. A house requires a solid and representative entrance door, but also panoramic and insulating doors to the garden, safe and functional doors to the balcony and beautiful interior doors.

The entrance doors provided by WindowsandMore are made according to the highest quality standards. They are composed of both insulating glass and stainless steel applications and ornamental panels.


  • Protection
    Entrance doors have high resistance to impact, humidity, atmospheric changes, mold, corrosion, the action of UV rays. These features make our doors not only provide protection against the elements, but also long-term resistance.
  • Soundproofing
    Due to the constructive elements used in the design of the entrance doors, they have superior sound insulation properties. Noises from outside, either produced by cars or other human elements, or produced by elements of nature such as storms will not make their presence felt in your home.
  • Thermal insulation
    Both the decorative panels and the simple white panels with which the entrance doors are equipped, have extruded polystyrene foam inside, which gives them superior thermal insulation.

The outside temperature will not affect the inside due to our systems. These will allow you to save on heating bills in the long run.

  • Security
    Entrance doors have high strength parameters, due to the surfaces with superior hardness, which gives increased resistance to shocks, bending, breaking and deformation, ensuring an increased level of safety and strength. Thus, the doors will be able to remain intact even after a long period of time.
  • Increased comfort
    The entrance doors are equipped with ornamental or special glass with the role of decoration but also to increase the degree of privacy and comfort.
  • Increased value
    The design of the entrance doors is modern and elegant, being available in multiple models, constructive variants and colors, fitting perfectly in any environment and environment. We know that a pleasant design increases the perceived value, but also the comfort level, so we will not omit the pleasant appearance just because our doors offer high security, comfort and insulation (thermal and acoustic).


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