PVC windows

WindowandMore windows: optimal solutions for every project.

Maximum performance and durability. Each project is unique. Whether it’s a living space, a residential area, an industrial complex or a location where you want to start a local business, your project needs a solution that fits your specific requirements.

Here are the features that make this product get the most attention from buyers:

  • PVC shingles and wings are protected from moisture and rust;
  • The more air cells the profile contains, the higher the insulation level and the stronger the window structure;
  • A large number of chambers help to decisively block the effects of wood and sound on the wings;
  • The installation of seals on the frame and edges will eliminate the possibility of water infiltration or airflow and acoustically protect the space inside;
  • Due to the professional wrapping system with special materials used in the selected shade, the color of the profile can be selected flexibly;
  • Different width profiles (depending on the number of rooms) allow the installation of glass panels of different thicknesses or the different number of glass sheets in the double-glazed package;
  • The profile was tested and obtained very good results in terms of fire exposure;
  • Easy installation and low maintenance cost. It is easily maintained by regular lubrication of the hardware;
  • Aesthetically coordinated and convenient shapes and sizes adapt to many types of projects.

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