PVC Rehau Synego carpentry

Windows&More recommends Synego PVC profiles from REHAU!
Wellbeing starts with a pleasant temperature


SYNEGO system ensures a pleasant temperature, better comfort and security for your home, providing up to 50% better thermal insulation compared to regular windows. This will lower heating costs and bring forth a new level of wellness you will never want to give up.


  • Energy saving through high thermal insulation
  • Low noise thanks to the best soundproofing
  • Increased level of security for your home
  • Creative window design ,  with over 100 colors to choose from and a wide variety of shapes.
  • Clean windows, bright with perfectly smooth surfaces with the unique High Definition Finishing (HDF) formula.
  • Reduced environmental impact  because the manufacturing process protects protects natural resourcese


You can choose from the many design options for SYNEGO: bright white, wood imitation decorative films with warm colors and either textured or solid colors.

Choose your favorite color from over 100 decorative films available. You can opt for a different look inside and outside, for example anthracite exterior and classic white interior.