Roller type nets

Roller type mosquito nets meet the need for comfort for home and office. They allow continuous ventilation throughout summer without allowing insects to enter.

Roller type net is an essential purchase, both efficient and cost effective for home or business. These cost-effective nets are in high demand with our customers.


Installable only on windows.

Exterior aluminium casing.

Glass fiber, fire retardant fine mesh.

Bottom sealing brushes.

Vertical drive using cord.

No frame included because of their strong structure, assembly and guides. Such frame can be however provided on request.

Can be installed with new exterior rollers or applied later.

Nets built in rollers come with silicone brake.

Roller type net can optionally be equipped with silicone brake to reduce lifting speed, increasing service life.

The net can be rolled up inside the case for weather protection and does not need to be removed during winter.

Can be up to 2000 mm long and 2500 mm high.


Various colors and weatherproof

Roller type nets are available in a wide range of colors.
Casing and guides paintable with standard or optional colors.

Standard colors*


Optional colors


*Standard colors have no additional costs and faster delivery time.

Technical details

Functional and impeccable look

Can be easily adapted to any type of windows due to it's classical and simple structure. Glass fiber, high quality, flame retardant net with extruded aluminium frame, painted in electrostatic field. These type of nets can be used for a long time, including bad weather.

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