Omega mosquito net – unique product in Romania

Reliable, innovative and easy to install.

Omega net is a roller type mosquito net with a modern “caterpillar” type system designed for doors and large openings.


Modern design

Contemporary look suitable for any architectural style.

Quality materials, attention to detail, only 4mm threshold. Omega mosquito net perfectly secures any opening.

Reliability and durability

No breaks, no bends, only safety and comfort.

Patented "caterpillar" system provides reliability through flexibility of the lower part of the net. Unique in Romania, exclusively distribuited by Windows&More.

Quick installation

Quick and easy assembly including widths up to 3600 mm and height of 2700 mm.

By Saint Gobain, made in the USA, renowned for its mechanical strength, weather resilience, fine mesh and increased protection.

Maximum dimensions: WxH: 1700 x 2500mm (1 wing) W x H: 3400 x 2700mm (two wings)


Touch mesh, by Saint Gobain, US

"Caterpillar" patented system

Sill height of just 4 mm

Larges sizes on the market

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