Lift-slide HST Rehau Geneo

HST lift sliding door system from REHAU can achieve a smooth and elegant transition from living spaces to balconies or terraces. Improved living quality can be achieved with large glass surfaces and light flooded spaces with an open atmosphere. Whether for old or new buildings, REHAU lift sliding doors offer design flexibility.



•  Allows large glazing (maximum length: 10m)
•  Allows large sash sizes: width: 2500mm; height: 2400mm
•  Smooth and silent running
•  Compatible with Rehau profiles including “Comfort Design” rollers
•  Smooth, easy to clean
•  Large furrow depth in the wing profile allows glazing up to 53mm thick


•  Using high-tech RAU-FIPRO material increases profile stability and optimizes the level of thermal insulation provided
•  Using a depth of 86mm and a multi-chambered profile it is possible to build sliding door systems with insulating properties suitable for passive house standards
•  Intrusion protection resistance up to WK 2 class, optimum soundproofing up to RwP = 42 dB (SSK4)
•  Continuous sealing gaskets with cured corners protect against draft, dust and water infiltration and prevents heat loss
• Easy handling due to optimum application system technology and innovative design details


• Color configuration options using decorative films or paints (RAL range)
• Light gray gaskets draw elegant contours on white profiles
• Optical elegance through inclined surfaces at 20°
• Single plane sash-frame construction will persuade you with smooth and noble surfaces following traditional quality from REHAU.
• Aluminum reinforcement with thermal barrier combined with multi-chamber frame profile guarantees exceptional thermal insulation properties
• Integrated screw channels allows the use of all types of skirts and commercially available fittings


• Suitable for both new and old buildings
• Made for a smooth transition from living room to balcony, terrace or garden
• Also used in the construction of greenhouses (Wintergarden)